Adidas Nizza Shoes
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Adidas Nizza Shoes
lundi 28 juin 2021 09:52:47
Since joining the lofty ranks of adidas, word on Childish Gambino’s first collaborative release has been relatively quiet — that is, however, until now. Men's/Women's Adidas Nizza Teased subtly in the animated short film announcing the creative’s entrance as a brand partner, the upcoming modified Nizza foregoes its traditional lifestyle aesthetics for one as deconstructive and poised in nature as the multi-hyphenate’s many recent works.

Collaborations with The Mandalorian and Pokemon are just a few instances of how adidas pays tribute to their audience’s favorite on-screen characters via creative footwear designs. Through a partnership with Kasing Lung, the first Chinese winner of the European Picture Book Contest, the Three-Stripe brand is releasing a doodles-covered Adidas Nizza Shoes, adding Mickey Mouse to their repertoire.

Fabrics are dyed in vintage-esque violets and muted yellows, trims at times contrast in deep greens, and the Stripes themselves are often woven in a way deceptively hand-darned. The Adidas Nizza Sale and Samba silhouettes at the charge follow a similar execution. Their designs alone and at a glance are no doubt quite ordinary, but upon closer inspection, their merit is quite evident. Sure, the colorways are the most reserved of the designer’s past works, though that’s likely intentional as they better complement the aforementioned wearables. In quality, each is quite a sizable upgrade, featuring satin linings, topstitch embellishments, crochet laces, and much, much more.

In his grafitti art style, Lung covers the high-top silhouette with colorful sci-fi inspired illustrations. The painted lightning bolts, stars, and a lab coat-clad Mickey Mouse tell a story of adventure where a science experiment takes the famous mouse into space. Buy Adidas Nizza While the mouse drawn does resemble the original Disney character, there’s a hint of mischief to him that reveals his development into a mad scientist; Lung’s Mickey has a nine-teethed grin that’s also shown on the artist’s original character, “Labubu”.

The low-top silhouette sports Grey Two canvas uppers that are complemented by Orbit Violet side stripes and branding on the tongue label. Shop Adidas Nizza As part of adidas’s sustainability goals, 20% of the content used to construct the uppers are made with minimum 50% recycled materials. Near the collar of the lateral side, two patches are stitched on. These elements use a refreshing palette of pastels to create graffiti and embroidery-inspired graphics. A white Vulcanized rubber sole unit provides additional traction while completing the artsy style.
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