Asics Dynablast Piedmont Grey
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Asics Dynablast Piedmont Grey
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Asics Dynablast may not be the most exciting daily trainer , but it is still seen Asics Sneakers Gift Ideas as a comfortable and durable running shoe for medium distances and more relaxed paces. Not to say that it is also among the lightest options. For a more fun, soft, and springy ride, consider its counterpart - Asics Novablast.

The DYNABLAST running shoe comfortably wraps the shoe around the foot like a gentle hug. This design means there are fewer layers of material, Asics Dynablast Piedmont Grey resulting in a light and breathable upper. It's recommended for runners who want a responsive underfoot experience during their run.

This shoe offers an energetic ride that stems from the one-piece FLYTEFOAM Blast technology midsole. The foam's springy softness is complemented iconiconsale by a midsole design that provides a trampoline-like effect as you run. The foam and the sole design are linked to give this shoe a great ride from footstrike to toe-off and is also an excellent addition to a variety of running workouts.

A softer, bouncier, more stable Dynablast? Runners are typically wary of changes to their beloved shoes, but it all sounds positive for this updated model. Asics Sneakers Christmas ASICS cut down the stack of cushioning in the forefoot a little, bringing the heel-toe offset down from 12 mm to 8 mm. This contributes to a more stable running experience.
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