Introduction to custom paper cups
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Introduction to custom paper cups
mercredi 11 mai 2022 11:15:33
The use of disposable paper cups is a great help to our lives. disposable ice cream cups with lids It is not only environmentally friendly, but also upgrades the quality. For those of us who have used it, it is two aspects. The natural function of disposable paper cups means that it can effectively protect the quality and quantity of products, provide a variety of conveniences for production, circulation and consumption, and make those with the characteristics of social material benefits. The social function of paper cups refers to the ability to meet people's psychological needs, promote the sale of goods, beautify the living environment, and bring many consumer characteristics to the society. Today’s disposable paper cups.biodegradable soup cups The traditional disposable paper cups and paper cups currently on the market are made of custom-made materials that are basically PE coated and PLA coated. A layer of food-grade polyethylene (PLA) film is coated on the base paper. Its function is to make the paper cups. Do not leak. In addition, it can also play a role in the production of paper cups, but the waxed paper cups circulating on the Internet have long been eliminated.

The single-wall cup is made of a layer of cupping paper.custom yogurt cups It is also divided into a single PLA coating cup, with only a layer of PLA coating on the inner surface of the cup that is in contact with the liquid. Double-mold coating cup, the outer layer of the cup wall is also attached with a layer of PLA coating, which can enhance the hand feeling and heat insulation performance of the cup.
Double-wall cup means to add an external sticker on the outer edge of a single-layer cup. Externally attached design, also known as hollow cup, bubble cup, diamond cup, corrugated cup, corrugated cup, etc. The heat preservation effect is better.biodegradable soup bowls
Usually, this kind of cup is used for hot drinks in milk teahouses and teahouses. The raw material of the paper cup, the food grade paper and the bottom paper for the inner cup. Cup paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper are usually used for two-layer external stickers. The high-quality paper cups currently on the market are generally 320g+20g coated paper cups.
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Nowadays, many people ask how much does it cost to customize disposable paper cups?paper bread bags wholesale Since paper cups are now divided into hot and cold drinks, the waxing used is different. This is the manifestation of price.pla fruit fork suppliers The official manufacturers have sanitary licenses. It is recommended that you go to individual manufacturers to check and order after understanding the products. Don’t order too much at once, read it first and use it later. If it’s a unit order, first design the shape. There are many paper cup specifications, from 2 ounces to more than 12 ounces, and different specifications and paper requirements. The price will be different if the quantity is different. In addition, some production companies have better sanitary conditions, so their costs are also higher. Therefore, the price will vary from a few pennies to more than a dime.pla cornstarch straws Now, the emergence of advertising paper cups has become a carrier for businesses to promote corporate spirit, culture, and brands. Not only are advertising costs low, but the publicity effect is also very good, so they are deeply favored by the majority of businesses.
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