Yatour Bluetooth module for YTM06, YTM05 and YTM07
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Yatour Bluetooth module for YTM06, YTM05 and YTM07
vendredi 4 mars 2022 15:05:40
This Bluetooth module can be connected to all USB/SD/AUX/IPHONE adapters and thus offers additional functions.

Hands-free system:
- the phone automatically connects to the hands-free system via Bluetooth
- in adapter mode, the music stops when a call comes in and the speakers ring
- the call is accepted using the radio/steering wheel button Next song
- the call is ended using the radio/steering wheel button Previous Song
- in radio mode, the adapter must be selected to accept
- playback of the caller via the car loudspeakers
- microphone can be placed optimally close to the head with the 3m long cable
- It is best to attach the hands-free microphone to the A-pillar or near the instruments
- Music playback via Bluetooth
Scope of delivery:
- Bluetooth module (8pin)
- hands-free microphone with 3m cable
- operating instructions in English

Order Now: https://electronicx.de/Yatour-Bluetooth-Modul-fuer-YTM06-YTM05-und-YTM07
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