Have you tried disposable electronic cigarettes?
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Have you tried disposable electronic cigarettes?
samedi 5 juin 2021 10:07:06
Have you tried disposable electronic cigarettes?

Hello everyone, I will introduce two best-selling disposable e-cigarettes in a few days! Each e-cigarette has a variety of fruit flavors to choose from!

hugo vapor disposable

Hugo Vapor Supro 3 Disposable has been based on the original Supro disposable device to its third iteration. Hugo Vapor Supro 3 disposable device increases the battery capacity to 900mAh, supporting longer usage time. The capacity of the vape juice has also been increased to 5.0 ml, which can give you 1500 puffs. At the same time, Supro 3 disposable device updated the mouthpiece for ergonomics. Hugo Vapor Supro 3 disposable device pre-filled 5ml of e-juice, larger than many box mod tanks, and has a nic strength of 5 percent.

The 50mg nicotine salt provides a nice satisfying throat hit. A large 900mAh battery is hooked into this disposable to make sure the large tank of nic salts does not go to waste. The coil inside the pod fires at a 1.7ohm resistance. Hugo Vapor Supro 3 does not have buttons. Instead, they're draw-activated. You simply inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping. The airflow on the Supro 3 disposable device is also spot on – a nice tight MTL draw with a smooth but satisfying throat hit. Hugo Vapor Supro 3 disposables come in 6 different flavors.

Sigma Plus vape

Alphaa Sigma Plus displayed a compact and stylish disposable pod kit. The device has a very large built-in battery that can provide 2200 puffs, and its long service life. Each Alphaa Onee Plus Disposable device is pre-filled with an impressive 8.5ml ultra large capacity of 5% salt nic e-juice, contributing to a lasting vaping without being interrupted by lacking liquid. Alphaa Sigma Plus Disposable flavor output is good, the throat hit is amazing. With an integrated, ergonomic mouthpiece, the lips can naturally wrap the mouthpiece which provides a comfortable mouthfeel. Alphaa Sigma Plus has become your best portable disposable device thanks to its super high puffs, large juice capacity, and diversified delicious options. There are 15 different flavors to choose from.

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