Don’t you know about the great discounts on Labor Day?
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Don’t you know about the great discounts on Labor Day?
mercredi 28 avril 2021 11:20:50
Don’t you know about the great discounts on Labor Day?

If you want plants to grow healthily, people who grow plants need time to use samsung led grow lights samsung led grow lights

eco farm grow light
provides the best plant growth lights! There are many varieties, you can choose from!

ECO Farm 680W grow light

ECO Farm 680W new type of grow light was designed for indoor medical plant cultivation. Outstanding uniformity of light irradiance in 4x4 ft area, providing adequate PAR for flowering.

Ultra slim design.
Self - locking waterproof connector.
Protection level IP66.
5 Years Warranty.
Designed for indoor plant cultivation. Outstanding uniformity of light irradiation in 4'x4'(1.2mx1.2m) area, providing adequate PAR for plants grow.
Can customize T- shaped interconnection cables according to the project requirements
>50,000 hours lifespan at Q90(Flowering spectrum) .

ECO Farm 650W LED light

ECO Farm 650W LED light is a high-performance top-lighting solution for commercial horticulture cultivation. Designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices.

Wattage: 650 watts (65W/bar x 10 bars)
650W power, PPF 1775 umol/(m2*s).
IP65 waterproof coating, great for humid environment.
Emitting color: OSRAM 3500K +OSRAM 6500K + EPISTAR 660nm
10 independent working light bars, freely install/uninstall.
Small & solid packing, save storage space and reduce shipping damage.
Aluminum material, high quality & excellent heat dissipation.
HPS Equivalent: 1000w -1500w HPS Equivalent

ECO Farm Full Spectrum Light Strips High Efficacy LED Light

Using the highest output Samsung LM301B LED chips with Osram 660nm chips, Efficacy is up to 2.7umol/J. High PPF is up to 1782μmol/s. Higher PPFD than Fluence/Gavita.
Full-spectrum with enhanced red for full-cycle grows.
Built-In Driver, just unfolds, plug, and play.
180°foldable, facilitate transportation and storage.
6 bars, more than 2160 LEDs distribute evenly.
Supporting the daisy chain and 0-10V dimming.
UL, DLC, CE, ROHS certified.
With a lifespan of over 50000h and comes with a 5-year warranty.
2112pcs LM301b 3030 White chips+48 Osram 660nm Red chips+4*165W Sosen Designed Driver

There are also Labour day sale on the official website recently! T To learn more, you can visit our official website: ECO Farm led
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