Tired of faction characters becoming neutral
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Tired of faction characters becoming neutral
vendredi 11 mai 2018 11:01:02

So i just finished the silithus zone and its sad to see khadgar turn against the alliance and magni scold both the alliance and horde for their "fighting" and not getting along. both of these characters were great leaders and heroes of the alliance and see them turn their back, especially khadgar and become neutral is quite sad as an alliance player. seeing khadgar hurts the most. walking into stormwind and seeing the great statue of him and seeing him not willing to fight along the alliance is like a punch in the gut. Now don't mistake me. i understand the old gods and things to come. i 100% agree, but what i'm arguing about is just seeing once beloved heroes, leaders, go neutral against their faction is just a bummer. like thrall. seeing him go from a great leader of the horde to green jesus, the savior of the world was like a sour taste in my mouth. it really hurt faction pride.

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