Can You Customize Your Character in Final Fantasy Online?
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Can You Customize Your Character in Final Fantasy Online?
jeudi 12 août 2021 10:29:50
Want to customize your character for Final Fantasy XIV Online? This guide explains how to customize the appearance of your character in FF14 and also just how to alter your character's appearance after you have actually tailored it.

Clan, race, and gender-- Are they essential?

Race, a clan, as well as gender, specify your character's appearance. You'll be asked to select a race, gender, and clan as you begin producing your character.

Adjust the method you look

As you're moving forward with the character creation process, you'll be able to change virtually whatever your character. From eyeshade to hairstyle, it might take a while before you choose the excellent combination.

Select your birthday celebration

Final Fantasy XIV Online has its very own calendar, and you'll be able to pick a birthday for your character. It's an enjoyable additional detail that you can customize for your character.

Starting class and also the city

Among the primary problems that brand-new gamers encounter in Final Fantasy XIV Online is beginning in different cities after developing their personalities. The combat class of your option will decide on the city that you'll start your trip in. These cities will be tailored to aid you in learning more about your class.

If you want to experience the very early game together with your pals, you'll need to see that you choose classes that start the game from the same city.

Below are all the classes and their beginning cities:

• Arcanist (Limsa Lominsa)
• Archer (Gridania)
• Conjurer (Gridania)
• Gladiator (Ul'dah)
• Lancer (Gridania)
• Marauder (Limsa Lominsa)
• Pugilist (Ul'dah)
• Thaumaturge (Ul'dah)

Choose a name as well as a web server

As you begin finishing up your character production procedure, you'll require to choose a name for your character. Right before choosing your name, you'll also need to pick a server.

How to alter your character's look in Final Fantasy XIV Online after developing your character?

In Final Fantasy XIV, it is feasible to change your character's appearance by making use of 2 techniques. Allow's go into that!

1). The Aesthetician

You'll need to unlock the Aesthetician to change your appearance. To unlock it, you need to finish a level 15 quest from S'dhodjbi on the top decks of Limsa Lominsa (X: 11 Y: 11).

After finishing this quest, you can summon the beauty therapist at any video game and transform your appearance by 2,000 Gil. Incidentally, if you require to buy Gil FFXIV, will certainly constantly be your finest choice.

The beauty consultant provides the following services:

• Hairstyles
• Hair color
• Eyebrows
• Lip color
• Facial features
• Complexion
• Tattoos

The number of personalization alternatives you'll have with the Aesthetician will certainly be relatively minimal contrasted to what you've seen while producing your character for the very first time.

2). The Fantasia

If you're aiming to transform some of the core aspects of your character, like its gender and also race, you'll need to get your hands on the Phials of Fantasia.

It's an in-game thing that your character can take while playing the game, and after that, when they log out, you'll be able to transform their appearance on the log-in screen to transform them how in any way you want. The Phial is a one-use thing, so you wish to make sure you declare about the adjustments before validating them, much like the first character personalization screen.

While playing via the game's story, you'll get a solitary copy of this item, as well as afterward factor, and it'll appear for acquisition in the Mog Station. With Phials of Fantasia at your disposal, you'll have the ability to alter every little thing concerning your character.

Generally, the only way to obtain the Phial of Fantasia is to buy it from Mogstation, the browser store where you make many online purchases for Final Fantasy XIV. Nevertheless, there is a pursuit called The Ultimate Weapon to end up during the Seventh Umbral Era. Upon finishing this series of pursuits, you'll obtain one Phial of Fantasia. However, this is the only method to get the thing without needing to buy it. You only receive one.

After taking the Phial of Fantasia, make sure to return to the log-in display to make your character adjustments. However, you only have one chance to do it after your character has had the potion.

Now you recognize how to customize and also change your character in Final Fantasy XIV Online. Try it currently!
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